Franchise Legal Guidance

Franchisors: Do You Want to Start a Franchise System?

Do you have an innovative and creative concept that you are looking to franchise?  Or are you a franchise industry veteran looking for a different type of lawyer?   We can help!  

For the Emerging/Established Franchisor:  Venturing into a new industry or business endeavor is always exciting, but franchising is a highly-regulated industry that requires sound legal guidance. With over 15 years of in-house franchise law experience, we can provide you all the legal guidance you need to begin your new franchise system.  We can create all necessary documents you need such as:

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Area Representative Agreement
  • Area Developer Agreement
  • Ancillary Contracts
  • Federal Disclosure Document with all appropriate exhibits
  • Legal Review of Operations Manual 

Further, we can properly navigate the main franchisor legal risks including vicarious liability, joint-employer/independent contractor issues, advertising law, and maintain the integrity of your intellectual property. We can create your legal infrastructure to ensure that you are compliant with state franchise relationship laws, including implementing franchise sales and default/termination protocols and correspondence. 


Business Owner

Franchisees: Do You Want To Buy Into a Franchise System?

Are interested in purchasing from an existing franchise model or an existing operation already in business?

For the Emerging/Established Franchisee: If you are looking to purchase a franchise and are overwhelmed with the amount of documents you were provided to review or an existing franchisee seeking guidance on how to maximize your business through growth or trying to navigate a franchise legal issue with your franchisor, we can assist.      

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Your Location Is Waiting For You

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