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Protection. Support. Peace of Mind.

We are dedicated to providing your family and your business with sound legal guidance and support.  You need more than legal documents.  You need solutions and strategic advice that works for your family and your business. 

  • Protect Your Family
  • Protect Your Business
  • Protect Your Assets

We Help You Prepare for Life

While most people know the importance of having a well-rounded estate plan, it is typically considered useful only after they have passed.  This is understandable because the traditional estate planning model was designed to serve those nearing the end of life. But there are many ways in which a comprehensive estate plan can have a positive impact during your life.  Our Life and Legacy Plans focus on serving the needs of growing families and those in transition. We know that you are busy and don't want to be overwhelmed with legalities, but you want to ensure your family's security.  We help you pass on your legacy, which encompasses more than just your financial assets, but also your values, insights, stories, and wisdom.  Our Life and Legacy Planning is designed to support you.

Your Business Deserves a Solid Legal Foundation

You want to remain focused on growing your business and serving your customers, not getting mired in reacting to legal issues that are costing you valuable time and money.  Your business deserves a trusted legal advisor and problem solver who proactively identifies missed opportunities, spots potential risks and creates plans to mitigate liability and leverage opportunities.  Your lawyer needs to explain issues in plain English (and not in lawyer-speak) to help you avoid legal, insurance, financial and tax mistakes.  We get it!  Further, we have extensive franchise law experience for emerging/established franchisors and franchisees.  

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How We Are Different

No Hourly Billing

The traditional billing method for lawyers is the billable hour. This model encourages inefficiency and serves to deter clients from reaching out with questions.  We charge flat-fees for our estate and business planning services and establish alternative fee arrangements for other services.  We encourage consistent communication with our clients.  With no time clock you never have to be reluctant to call with a quick (or not-so-quick) question.  This means we work effectively, efficiently and there are never any surprise bills!   


Protecting Your Children

We know how important your family and legacy are. That's why if your children are minors, we design short-term and long-term children protection plans with every estate plan.  Don't let your lack of planning cause the authorities to take temporary or long-term custody of your children or to appoint an unrelated third-party (who bills hourly) to handle their financial matters in the event of your incapacity, when you die or if you’re otherwise unable to get home to them for any reason.   

Lifetime Relationships

 For your family, we provide complimentary 3-year estate planning reviews to ensure that as your life changes, so does your plan.   

For your business, we learn your industry and priorities and are available without "the learning curve" whenever you need guidance. 

Holistic Approach

We plan for your whole life and  business, not just your money and assets.   Kelly is a certified life coach and an interfaith minister who brings a holistic approach to legal counseling.  Life and Legacy Planning is so much more than financial wealth. We believe your financial wealth is only one aspect of your overall “Life and Legacy,” which also encompasses creating an Ethical Will to preserve your far more valuable intellectual, spiritual and human assets – who you are and what you care about beyond money, including your values, insights, stories, wisdom and successes. Most lawyers only focus on transferring your financial wealth to the next generation; we focus on helping you  to identify, build and protect your valuable assets during your lifetime and leaving a legacy of love that goes far beyond money, after you are gone.  To do this properly, we limit the number of clients we accept each month so we can guide the client and not just a case file. 

Safeguarding Your Business

You are busy building your business.  Our Outside General Counsel services provide you with reliable and responsive legal guidance that isn't prohibitively expensive. We help your business act proactively and prophylactically to minimize time, resources and money spent on legal issues.  You may not even be aware of all the ways you are leaking money, putting yourself at risk and possibly limiting the positive impact you can have for your customers.  Through asset/creditor protective methods and risk mitigation strategies, we can help you keep more money in your accounts, watch out for pitfalls, handle sticky situations (ideally before they even get sticky) and effectively handle the parts of your business that are especially challenging.   

We offer flat-fee business packages designed to help business owners manage their most precious resources - their time and money - associated with legal issues on an ongoing, predictable basis. 

Virtual Law Practice

We do not have an expensive downtown office and the overhead that goes with it.  

We are a modern professional virtual-based office with a personal touch! This means we often make “house calls” or “office calls” to meet our clients where they are.  This makes the legal process as comfortable and non-intimidating as possible. We also have conference rooms available in Morristown and Somerville.  We use modern technology  to streamline the client experience by using online forms, appointment scheduling and document signings (when appropriate) so the process is as efficient as possible. 

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