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Protection. Support. Peace of Mind.

Traditional legal services primarily prepare documents that are likely complicated and confusing. You may get a cursory explanation, which clarifies some basic things, but leaves many others unclear.  But, you sign them anyway and feel relieved that you can check this task off your to-do list and don't think about it again.  Years go by and your life, business and financial situation change and you never revisit your legal plan.  Then when it becomes time for you to refer to the business contract or for your family to rely on those documents, it is discovered that they have become significantly outdated and not nearly as instructive or helpful as you thought.    

Although producing effective legal documents is a by-product of our service, it is not the main focus. Our intention is for you to experience a new type of legal service.   The operative concept is "service." We will serve your needs by educating you, taking the time to get to know you, your family, your business, your concerns, your goals and your issues and will gladly and patiently answer all your questions to produce a legal plan that is exactly right for you.  We are here to serve as guardians and counselors to help you feel protected and supported and to foster peace of mind. 


Specialty Areas

Legal Business and Strategy Planning


We partner with businesses as a trusted advisor to help business owners  design, implement and maintain effective business plans that balance legal, insurance, tax and financial strategies that can be clearly understood and executed through our Outside Counsel Packages.  We help entrepreneurs address legal needs such as:

  • Starting a Business and Corporate Formation
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Joint Ventures
  • Trademark Filings
  • Non-Compete Agreements; Non-Solicitation Agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Business/Vendor/Customer Contracts
  • Employment/Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Business Succession Plans
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Buying a franchise
  • Starting a franchise concept
  • Asset and creditor protection

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Legal Life Family Planning


 Do you know that an estate plan already exists for you?  Unless you design your own plan, the state you live in has a default plan that will determine how everything you own - from your car to you home to bank/investment/ retirement accounts - will be distributed. 

From temporary or permanent foster care for your children to courtroom battles over who should raise your children, to estate/transfer taxes, frozen assets and blocked accounts for minors, no one would voluntarily choose the state plan for their loved ones.  Don't let the state decide such critical decisions for you.  You want to give what you want, how you want and to whom you want.

Let us help your family create a plan that protects your assets and loved ones exactly the way you want.  Estate planning is not just for a certain group of people - it's for everyone!  To learn more about some of the issues that an effective legal life plan should navigate, please click below.

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Kids Protection Planning


As a mother of the two adorable daughters you see in this picture, I know how important it is to protect your family.  We plan for your family as we do for our own. 

Many parents have considered who they would designate as a long-term guardian for their children in the event of death.  Some have even memorialized formal guardianship contingencies in estate planning documents.  Others have thought about it but haven't documented it for a variety of reasons, including the parents are not in agreement or are paralyzed by fear and indecision.  We have a 4-step guardian selection process to walk you through this critical decision and a Life and Legacy Interview that helps you capture the necessary guidance and instructions that you would want followed.  These issues may include: religious/moral instruction and education guidance as well as your own specific priorities for your child's well-being such as whether you would want to emphasize athletics or art or altruistic endeavors.

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